Why I stopped taking landscapes 

Beppu, Oita, Japan, my home for the past ten years.  I have taken this shot probably a hundred times and so did many students in our university. 

It is said the Beppu has its own ecosystem  blessed with mountains, rivers, and seas. When I used to own a point and shoot camera, I literally pointed and shot anything picturesque to my eye – flowers, sunsets, seascapes, landscapes.  It sure looked fresh for the first time in a year, or maybe a second or third time.  Now on my tenth year here, if I remember it right, I stopped taking photos of cherry blossoms on my fourth year.  It’s on my Facebook page anyway and younger people with newer digital cameras will post the same macro and artsy shot anyway.

The only funny thing about my ordeal is the thing that awakened my creativity is the same thing that ruined it.  My philosophy is anybody with a camera given the right settings, (and in this model age, the right filter) can take the same shot.  And that is why I stopped taking landscapes, travel, food and many more social media kind of photos.

I ventured into portraitures and fashion photography because every model, situation, outfit, mood, look, concept,… they’re all different and unique.

Trolls may follow me on Instagram, screen capture and rework the entire lighting but still, it is not the same flower, sunset, landscape and seascape. Every person is unique and that is what I love about portraitures and fashion photography.

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