No concept no shoot

alexphucNo concept no shoot.  That has been my policy even since I took my photography to a higher level of seriousness.  Starting out trigger happy like everyone else, I used to borrow dresses from designers and shoot them in whatever way possible.  With modern lighting, location, photoshop and many more techniques, I came to the realization that there must me a concept to execute a shoot.

First and foremost, there must be a good makeup artist and hair stylist for a portrait or fashion photoshoot.  Unless the model can do it on his or her own.

I remember getting a salon sponsorship one time to do the hair and makeup because I do not want to spend countless hours applying digital makeup to a model.  But when the time comes, I do digital blush and eyeshadowing and countouring courtesy of training from my creative buddy who is an excellent makeup artist.

Yesterday’s shoot was awesome.  Makeup was done by Vietnamese dude Phu Co and Thai girl Jee.  My photography assistant is Spanish dude Alejandro who was awesomely excited to experiment with lighting.  Cheers to the team and look forward to our next creative endeavors.

Click here to see the first portraiture photo I shot of model Isabelle Rouger.

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