Portraits of Davide

I have been staring at that white wall of my Manila apartment since I moved in last year and thought, I want to use it as a white background.  Occasionally, I will change it to black or gray or some textured or patterned depending on some hand me downs from my designer friends.

Italian model Davide is Manila-based and conveniently my neighbor so I called him for an instant shoot to test my new lighting equipment I purchased from Hidalgo Photographer’s Haven with my photo buddy Carlo Gono (who specializes on magazine covers and high society portraiture).

Now back to my home studio, I bought a set of beauty dish (looks like a barbecue grill complete with a grill), two strobes and its accessories like softboxes and stands.  It was not my first time to work with a beauty dish and I really intended it to be white washed or sort of high keyed.

There was no hair not makeup artist in this shoot because the concept was ‘I woke up like this’.  No, he didn’t wake up like that.  This was the last set after we have done some cliche kinda shots at the roofdeck and looking out the window artsy shots.  So this was the last set and some designers suggested to me that at least moisturizer would help but totally no makeup can only happen if the model has flawless skin.  Thanks to the Icon Skin clinic for taking care of the skin of my models, makeup was totally unnecessary here.

My creative buddy and excellent makeup artist Chris Delfin would normally tell me makeup is to make up whatever needs to be made up.  If the model is already gorgeous then makeup is not needed.

So here are my shots, portraits of Davide. I never noticed his green eyes so the intention is to bring it out. But what is overwhelming is his tanned skin and good complexion. His body is also picture perfect but I will share that in another post.

p.s.  I heard the dude is sick, get well soon buddy.


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