Real Beauty Shoot

What is real beauty? That is the question I wanted to answer in this photoshoot with some models of APU Fashion Week (AFW).  I have been producing this event for three years now and we have done five major productions.

When they embrace their own uniqueness…for me that is real beauty.

Over the years we held AFW at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan showcasing works of designers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Kazakhstand, Thailand, and whose works have been featured all over the Asia Pacific region.

Backstage and in reality, our models are actually students in our multi-cultural campus so it has always been a challenge to promote diversity and awareness for different kinds of beauty.  In such a young age, we are careful to build the self-esteem and body image of these girls who would wish they’re prettier, fairer, have longer hair, or probably taller.  The sad truth about the fashion industry is that designer clothes for fashion shows are not made for them.  They are made on a body form which the designers create to showcase a collection.  With that in mind, I work with many designers and explain these circumstances and good thing, over the years, we have worked with designers who are quite flexible with body types and can improvise with different mix and matches that suit our young models.  Well, the boys do not have much problems with that.  In fact, our menswear segment has always been the easiest to produce.

So back with real beauty.  I think, when they see no need for heavy makeup to cover up.  When they don’t have to compare themselves with other girls and start becoming their true selves.  When they embrace their own uniqueness.  For me that is real beauty and that makes me go on with AFW.

End credits:  Models featured in the shoot are Ayumi, Fern, Isabelle, and Utako, hair and makeup by Phu Co and Jeen Kraiwuttianant, photography assistance by Alejandro Morales Rama, and photography by yours truly.


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