Jeremiah Nicolas

I first saw Jeremiah as a young boy who visited his mom’s office where I used to hang out as a college student.  Their family moved to Melbourne, Australia in the late 1990s.  Fast forward to nearly decades, I was surprised to find out that mother and son were in town for a male pageant. And since he was ranking in the top predictions to win, a little help from Uncle M would do.

I called my glam team and made a portfolio for ‘Jer’, as his mom fondly calls him.  A fashion design major, I knew the boy has a thing for visual arts and I allowed him to do this thing in front of the camera.  I just had a few pointers to highlight that is very distinct with his face – cheek bone, puppy eyes, and defined jaw line.  He has perfect set of teeth too but I didn’t want him to smile too much for the camera and thought of leaving it for the live show instead of putting it on photo.  His body is ripped but not bulked muscular, the kind of leanness he gets from kickboxing.

Gray and black background for his body shot and fashion shoot was a natural choice.  Using the bathroom lighting technique for his body shot, I wanted the light to shower him from the top to highlight his cheekbone, jawline, shoulders, chest, and some ripples in the abs.  While shooting, we jokingly commented every imaginable actor he looked like with every change in posing or set.  We also did half body black and white and colored full body shots he now uses as a portfolio for modeling.

After getting the necessary shots I needed, I allowed him to do as he pleases and smile for the camera.  In another post, I will share it.

Jeremiah ranked first runner-up in the Misters of Filipinas 2016 male pageant.  With this portfolio, I am sure he will be seen in many more modeling gigs.  A neophyte in Philippine pageants and modeling, this boy will surely go places with his unique looks, his OZ accent, his free spirited personality, and contagious smile.

Hair & makeup by my creative tandem Chris Delfin.


For booking inquiries you may reach Chris Delfin through his Facebook account.

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