Portrait of Fern

fern01Fern Akari from Thailand was one of our featured models on APU Fashion Week 2016.  Her Thai name means Fern which translate to Akari in Japanese, hence the cyber name. She came to the audition looking so shy and timid.  I spoke to her to calm her nerves together with her fellow froshies (at least a freshman to my eyes coz I never saw her in any fashion show or multicultural performance which we have every week).

That was one big check!  a fresh face.  She had that side bangs she couldn’t get rid of so I thought, ah this girl needs some work.  AFW happened October 16 to 21, 2016 and she graced some of our preview shows.  As I was finalizing casting, in coordination with fashion designers, I found her body type to be conveniently slim that she can fit in any of the dresses, especially the long gowns.  In a separate post, I mentioned that dresses featured in the fashion show are not made for the models but for a certain body form by the designers.

Backstage, I inspected the makeup room and found her made up.  ‘Who’s that girl?!’  I usually kid around but of course I knew it was her.  What wowed me was her ability to transform.  After the show and the meet and greet, she transformed back to her usual self, a simple timid girl.  What I liked about Fern is her very simple and humble attitude.

I invited her to a photoshoot I art directed while on hibernating mode.  The concept was Blairwitch meets Conjuring, a post halloween shoot featuring the same lovely gowns she wore on the show.  Hair up or hair down, I can say she rocked it.  So I made a mental note, I want to shoot this girl a portrait so I can see if she is really photogenic as she has proven to be.  What I also want to see is if she can transform like a chameleon as she always does with changing expressions and mood.  So here are my portraits of Fern Akari.

Hairstyling by:  Phu Co

Makeup by:  Jeen Kraiwuttianant

Technical notes: ISO100, F/5.6, 1/200s, 35mm


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