Modern Business Barong

Simple Elegance.


Business Barong Tagalogs have evolved from the embroidered linen and crunchy white to jet black enabling versatility from office wear to formal evening look.

Ulysses King infused fun element of long back reminiscent of sporty polos to break the monotony of darkness.  A semi-three fourth sleeves provide for work functionality while the perfect fit shows gentlemanly character.

Check these out and have them custom made according to your body type.  Visit Vatican Fashion Museum’s outlet at Cinderella, 2/F Glorietta Mall for a closer look and feel of this versatile modern business getup.

*Prêt-à-Porter Holiday 2017 Collection

Photography by yours truly, designed by Ulysses King, styling by Nio Manzano, hair and makeup by Bernard Saligao on model Shido Roxas.

Vatican Prêt-à-Porter


Fun.  Easy.  Festive.  This is the 2017 Holiday Collection of Vatican Fashion Museum now available at Cinderella, 2F, Glorietta Mall, Makati City, Philippines.

Vatican fashion museum’s big boss Ulysses King reveals that this holiday should be “comfortable, functional and fashionably chic” with mix and match clothing previously thought of as a no, no!

Well now it is a yes, yes! with fun polka and easy checks.  In the photo, is Arnold Galang’s collection which I shot a few weeks back in Manila.

The VATICAN label is designed for people with sophisticated fashion sense in search for garments that complement their dynamic lifestyle and professional goals.

They appreciate creativity and quality and find styles for both work and pleasure.  They are confident and smart. They know the role of fashion and style They work hard, play hard. They are passionate and pro-active winners!

Hair & makeup by my creative tandem Chris Delfin and styling was done by Nio Manzano.  Accessories featured in the shoot are by Toni & Berne.  It was a pleasure working with SMMA Model Alexis Sale.

Isabelle Rouger

Isabelle Rouger is extremely photogenic.  She is so photogenic I could not make up my mind if I want her photos in black and white or preserve its real color. So I am sharing both.

In color, her golden hair shines with warm tungsten static light. In black and white, she exudes that classic beauty.

One of my strobes refused to cooperate in this shoot so I used just one diffused beauty dish from the top right, one diffused tungsten static light from the left and another tungsten static light from the back to paint that warm tone.

Technical notes: ISO100, f/5.6, 1/125s, 35mm

Portrait of Fern

fern01Fern Akari from Thailand was one of our featured models on APU Fashion Week 2016.  Her Thai name means Fern which translate to Akari in Japanese, hence the cyber name. She came to the audition looking so shy and timid.  I spoke to her to calm her nerves together with her fellow froshies (at least a freshman to my eyes coz I never saw her in any fashion show or multicultural performance which we have every week).

That was one big check!  a fresh face.  She had that side bangs she couldn’t get rid of so I thought, ah this girl needs some work.  AFW happened October 16 to 21, 2016 and she graced some of our preview shows.  As I was finalizing casting, in coordination with fashion designers, I found her body type to be conveniently slim that she can fit in any of the dresses, especially the long gowns.  In a separate post, I mentioned that dresses featured in the fashion show are not made for the models but for a certain body form by the designers.

Backstage, I inspected the makeup room and found her made up.  ‘Who’s that girl?!’  I usually kid around but of course I knew it was her.  What wowed me was her ability to transform.  After the show and the meet and greet, she transformed back to her usual self, a simple timid girl.  What I liked about Fern is her very simple and humble attitude.

I invited her to a photoshoot I art directed while on hibernating mode.  The concept was Blairwitch meets Conjuring, a post halloween shoot featuring the same lovely gowns she wore on the show.  Hair up or hair down, I can say she rocked it.  So I made a mental note, I want to shoot this girl a portrait so I can see if she is really photogenic as she has proven to be.  What I also want to see is if she can transform like a chameleon as she always does with changing expressions and mood.  So here are my portraits of Fern Akari.

Hairstyling by:  Phu Co

Makeup by:  Jeen Kraiwuttianant

Technical notes: ISO100, F/5.6, 1/200s, 35mm


Beppu at Night

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today I excitedly tested my 24mm Nikon lens I scored from Amazon.  Over the past days, I have been obsessing about this new photography platform – the mirrorless cameras.

The big cons, however, is that the mirrorless cameras and the necessary lenses for portraiture and wide angles cost a fortune.  The only pros of a mirrorless is probably being lightweight, hip, and kinda retro with the old school camera look.  Still looking at that price tag after playing with it at Yodobashi Camera (my favorite hang out place), I could easily justify against purchasing a new platform.

So looking into my camera set, I have a Nikon D7000 (upgraded from my first D80), 55-200mm zoom, 18 to 105mm lens kit, 35mm for portraitures, I thought I need a 24mm for wide angles.  I mentioned that I have stopped taking landscapes but I didn’t say I hate it.  Occasionally and probably when the urge to be artistic or do something different calls, then a street photo or a travel photo would be nice.

Going back to mirrorless cameras that cost around USD1,000, I played with its features.  Okay, the Olympus E-PL8 looks cute, has a remote controlling app on a smartphone, excellent for taking selfies, and has built in artistic filters.  But I don’t like filters anyway.  Filters are for Instagram not for professional photos.  I also considered the Fujifilm X-T1 or X-T2 both of which can afford me a second hand car here in Japan.  The lens, likewise, will be another rent money.  So no to Fujifilm. I am loyal to Nikon so I did not even check Canon.  Finally, I checked Nikon mirrorless cameras, the J1 series and the AW1 series.  They seem affordable, lightweight, and compatible with my Nikon lenses.  However, I need an adapter to make my lenses fit the small body of the Nikon mirrorless cameras.  Which made me go back to basics.  I have a complete set and probably, a new piece of lens would be nice to complete the array – and that is wide angle for landscapes.

Today, my wide angle lens arrived, the 24mm and to my surprise, it is quite tiny and super lightweight.  It has some manual dials that make it compatible with old film cameras as well but for my D7000, it fits perfectly and the f22 is fixed.  Now my D7000 DSLR resembles a mirrorless.  I took it for a spin in my neighborhood and set the picture control to monochrome, ISO from 640 to 1000, f2.8 to 5.6, shutter speed from 1/30 to 1/200.  The above slideshow features Beppu, Oita, Japan‘s Ginza and the oldest hot spring in my lovely town, the Takegawara Hot Spring.  Those are test shots and if I develop a new love affair with street and travel photography then I might start posting some landscapes again.

Jeremiah Nicolas

I first saw Jeremiah as a young boy who visited his mom’s office where I used to hang out as a college student.  Their family moved to Melbourne, Australia in the late 1990s.  Fast forward to nearly decades, I was surprised to find out that mother and son were in town for a male pageant. And since he was ranking in the top predictions to win, a little help from Uncle M would do.

I called my glam team and made a portfolio for ‘Jer’, as his mom fondly calls him.  A fashion design major, I knew the boy has a thing for visual arts and I allowed him to do this thing in front of the camera.  I just had a few pointers to highlight that is very distinct with his face – cheek bone, puppy eyes, and defined jaw line.  He has perfect set of teeth too but I didn’t want him to smile too much for the camera and thought of leaving it for the live show instead of putting it on photo.  His body is ripped but not bulked muscular, the kind of leanness he gets from kickboxing.

Gray and black background for his body shot and fashion shoot was a natural choice.  Using the bathroom lighting technique for his body shot, I wanted the light to shower him from the top to highlight his cheekbone, jawline, shoulders, chest, and some ripples in the abs.  While shooting, we jokingly commented every imaginable actor he looked like with every change in posing or set.  We also did half body black and white and colored full body shots he now uses as a portfolio for modeling.

After getting the necessary shots I needed, I allowed him to do as he pleases and smile for the camera.  In another post, I will share it.

Jeremiah ranked first runner-up in the Misters of Filipinas 2016 male pageant.  With this portfolio, I am sure he will be seen in many more modeling gigs.  A neophyte in Philippine pageants and modeling, this boy will surely go places with his unique looks, his OZ accent, his free spirited personality, and contagious smile.

Hair & makeup by my creative tandem Chris Delfin.


For booking inquiries you may reach Chris Delfin through his Facebook account.

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