Isabelle Rouger

isabelle03I make it a point to talk to the model and and establish a connection instantly.  Portraitures are quite difficult because we have to tell a story about that person in one photo.  To start with, she already has striking features which I can compare to Madonna or Lady Gaga and she simply laughed it out.

I gave instructions to the hair and makeup artists to give a natural beauty look.  Natural or ‘No Makeup’ look means a lot of makeup to make the model look like having no or very little makeup.  I know it sounds like an oxymoron but that is what it is.

Hours after my lighting setup, I was shocked to see golden glitters that matched her golden hair.  At first, I thought wow! that is not my concept.  But wow, she looked stunning.

Since I work with students in our university, I do not want to dampen their creative juices by imposing my  artistic concept.  Art is always subject to interpretation and I give them that freedom with some boundaries so that I can still execute how I envisioned it to be.

Isabelle was the earliest among the girls and it was her turn to warm up the lights and the portrait stool.  Most models I have worked with are most natural on the first shots and the first few seconds before they become self conscious and overdo things.

I can say Isabelle was a natural portrait and picture model.  She is most confident in front of the camera but she changes her facial expression faster than I could change the focus pointer towards her eyes.  So I relied on my technique of asking a model, what’s her best feature.  She said it is her eyes, and no contest, her eyes are really stunning blue.  But I see her in school with those big blue eyes and it is expected of her.  Her thin lips could be a good highlight and she also has that classic European beauty.  With those in mind, I planned the photo to be high contrast to take the color off her eyes and paint an entire image of her face.


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